FERC Gives Tentative Thumbs-Up to Spectra NJ/NYC Natural Gas Pipeline

Mar 16th, 2012 | By Mark | Category: Gas Pipeline Expansion NEWS, Lead Articles

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave tentative approval this morning to a controversial, massive new natural gas pipeline to be built through New Jersey into low Manhattan.

From the FERC draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS):

We determined that construction and operation of the NJ-NY Project would result in limited adverse environmental impacts. These limited impacts would mostly occur during the period of construction. This determination is based on a review of the information provided by the Applicants and further developed from data requests; field investigations; scoping; literature research; alternatives analysis; and contacts with federal, state, and local agencies, Native American tribes, and individual of the public. We concluded that the Project would be an environmentally acceptable action.

The agency also recommended 32 mitigation measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the project and requested that Spectra be required to take steps to further reduce the project’s environmental impact as a condition of final approval.

You can download the full document here.

More on this story as we have time to read through the massive ruling.

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