Statement from Chesapeake Energy on Natural Gas Well Explosion in Pennsylvania

Apr 21st, 2011 | By Mark | Category: Natural Gas Explosions

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At 11:56 a.m. this morning, Chesapeake Energy posted this statement to the company’s Facebook page — skip down to the bottom of the statement to get to the good part: they have no idea what caused the explosion, but there’s no danger to the public.

So, the question is, then, which Chesapeake exec is going to be the first to step up and take a drink of water from the creek that’s now reportedly been contaminated with thousands of gallons of toxic fracking fluids?

UPDATE on well-control efforts in Leroy Township, Pa.

There have been no injuries, and there continues to be no danger to the public.

The exact causation of the breach is unknown. The location of the breach is in a wellhead connection, and our investigative efforts will initially focus there; there is no evidence of a downhole casing failure of any type. Chesapeake has voluntarily suspended all completion operations in Pennsylvania as we evaluate this incident.

Crews are finishing repairs to the berm surrounding the location. All fluids are being safely contained in our extensive secondary-containment systems located within this berm, which serve as further protective measures before the location berm. All containment systems are now fully prepared to prevent fluids from leaving the location. Initial testing of area waterways has shown minimal impact, if any.

by Ask Chesapeake: Marcellus Shale on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 11:56am

The well has emitted limited amounts of gas beginning early this morning. Both the Bradford County EMA and Chesapeake have performed gas-plume modeling in expectation of this potential progression and have come to the same conclusion that any natural-gas releases will not pose a risk to the area’s public safety.

Well-control efforts have been successful in significantly reducing flow from the leak. Overnight, Chesapeake removed all well-completion equipment from the location and brought in specialized equipment in preparation for additional work to completely seal the leak. This work is expected to commence this afternoon.


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  1. Christian says:

    Sickening, The sad part is nothing is learned and instead law makers will use the old “now isn’t the time”. This story is going b heard many more times in the future

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